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Backup Microsoft 365? Yes!

Microsoft recommends you should use a third-party service to back up Microsoft 365 (“We recommend that you regularly back up your content and data that you store on the services or store using third-party apps and services.”) and we agree!

Use a Microsoft 365 cloud backup solution that allows recoveries at any level of granularity (email, file, folder, user, site, or subsite). One that delivers a durability guarantee not offered by Microsoft, as the smartest, safest way to keep your data secure.

Want to learn more about M365 and how we can help you implement backups, give our office a call.


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Training in 10

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Adobe Acrobat Tips

Tips & Tricks to Help you Master the Art of the PDF with Adobe Acrobat!

PDFs make up the foundation of today’s document-sharing world. If you create, send, or view PDFs on a regular basis, these tips and tricks could really help you boost productivity and efficiency, learning how to combine, edit, convert, extract, organize and collect data. JOIN US  Oct. 20, 1:00pm


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The cycle of consumption of electronic gadgets has made electronics waste (e-waste) the world’s fastest-growing solid-waste quandary. As the world is primed to upgrade to 5G wireless technology, experts say it will cause a dramatic increase in e-waste, as millions of smartphones, and other gadgets incompatible with 5G networks become obsolete.
With that in mind, there are some cool ways to give old phones, laptops, and cameras a new life and help keep them out of the landfills. You might be surprised at how many ways you can repurpose an old piece of hardware, even if it's several years old and has become too slow to fulfill its original function properly anymore. Here are a few favorites we have found: READ MORE

Repurpose Old Tech

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Flexible Business Communication to take your office phone anywhere! Unlimited Support from our entire team included. Never miss a call during power outages and disasters. No more separate systems for phone and data. Easily scalable as your business grows. Looking to upgrade your current system?

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Cloud Backup
10 reasons to consider Cloud Backup.


Employee data, financial data, customer data, product data, accessing this data is key to making sure an organization is successful and runs as it should. Cloud Backup is essentially storing a copy of this vital data in a safe ‘cloud’ location (remote server), rather than locally or on the organization's network drive.

This data is now safe and secure, being outside the network and guard against potential threats, and can be accessed and restored quickly in the event of a system failure, outage, natural disaster, or even a virus attack/ransom attack on the company’s network.


Mainly because of the flexibility and control Cloud-based solutions offer, along with the most advanced technologies available for file syncing, multi-layered authentication, and data mirroring. This technology is consistently being updated to keep up with development in IT software and the demands of business across the world. 

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Outdated Technology = The Money Pit

Just because something is old or outdated does not always mean it is not functional. In fact, many older technologies still work perfectly well today. Nevertheless, using outdated technology can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Regrettably, many business owners choose to put off upgrading their technology, holding on to aging hardware, software, and peripherals for far longer than they should, not realizing that this is actually costing them more than they think they are saving.




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Best Pointless Sites to Kill Time Staring at Your Screen 

Sometimes you just need to stare at your screen mindlessly. The following websites are perfect for when you’re looking for the most basic form of entertainment.

(new) Zoom Quilt | Watching Grass Grow | Cat Bounce  | MapCrunch | Plasma Globe | Find the Invisible Cow | BoredButton | Ffffidget | Pointer Pointer | Long Doge Challenge | Real-time Pokedraw | Scream Into The Void | Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

For a full description of each game site and more info please READ MORE (Written by: Anya Zhukova)

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