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Manufacturing Industry 4.0 

On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, business leaders from across North America joined New Charter Technologies and Partner MSPs for a live webinar to discuss the top challenges facing manufacturers today.

Manufacturers face unique challenges when it comes to Industry 4.0 or Digital Transformation including risk management and securely connecting expensive machinery to various networks and software. Operational networks in manufacturing cannot be treated the same as other industries because of the unique devices and processes that manufacturers rely on along with industry-specific software systems. With heightened security risks and evolving compliance requirements, organizations need to partner with trusted advisors to support strategic technology planning and decision-making.   

You'll learn about the following:

  • Manufacturing Industry Trends​
  • Top challenges manufacturers face and actionable takeaways
  • Understanding the cybersecurity environment ​
  • And more!
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Learn about the Speakers

AMANDA KEEFERAmanda Keefer, Program Director at Shasta Head Start, California

At Shasta Head Start, Amanda Keefer was accustomed to driving hours to facilitate employee training or to deliver important paperwork, but that changed with digital transformation. Not only did the organization give precious time and resources back to staff, but they were also able to dedicate more resources to the families and children who rely on their programs.

Jennifer Shotwell Arena Agency on AgingJennifer Shotwell, CEO at Area Agency on Aging, Region X, Missouri

Jennifer Shotwell helped to lead Area Agency on Aging, Region X through digital transformation. Since the transformation, the organization is now able to provide more services, such as online learning for seniors, apply for additional grant funding, enjoy better collaboration and communication across the organization, and now have the ability to work remotely.

Jason Rincker Stronghold DataJason Rinker, Sales Director at Stronghold Data

Jason Rinker is passionate about the non-profit practice area at Stronghold Data, where he leads sales and marketing. He understands the unique challenges that non-profits face and the importance of board education.

Mitch Morgan circleMitch Morgan, CEO at New Charter Technologies

Mitch Morgan is passionate about helping non-profits achieve their mission and goals through strategic technology application.

Tom Grisell Apex TechTom Grisell, vCIO at Apex Technology Management

Tom Grisell has deep expertise in technology budgeting, strategic planning, and infrastructure management. He helps non-profit clients apply technology to boost their mission.